Season 3 Coming Soon

Season 2 has now wrapped up, and I am so grateful to all of my guests for their time and their thoughtful answers during our interviews. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to all of season 2, now’s the chance!

During this break, I’ll be recharging the batteries, as being a solo podcaster is a tremendous amount of work. It requires wearing many hats, including hosting, editing, producing, booking guests, recording, graphic design, show writer and website maintenance. I started this podcast at the height of the lockdown, and it has been an incredible journey that now sees the show at the 20 episode mark. Incredible!

So, each season brings changes as the show naturally evolves. Season 1 was a chance to do some storytelling. Originally I thought that doing the stories in 10 minutes or less would be a long term plan, but listeners asked me to make them longer, as they found the episodes went by too quickly. That led to a format change in season 1 episodes 8-10 where I added commentary after the story was finished.

This commentary naturally evolved into season 2’s format, which included two solo episodes, and 8 interviews. The goal in this podcast is always to entertain you, the listener, while also having the opportunity to learn something new. Hence, the ‘Music History Moment’ segment, which will continue in season 3.

Now for the big news. The natural evolution of this show is that besides interviews, commentary on a variety of music-related issues is going to be the direction heading forward. Commentary works best with two people, so I am thrilled to announce that I will have a co-host for season 3!

I am keeping this person’s identity under wraps for now, but feel free to speculate. Once I announce who he/she is, if you’ve listened to season 2, it will make perfect sense. How’s that for a huge hint!

See you in October for season 3!