S4E6 10 Things You Should Know About Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday died in 1959, and yet over 60 years later she is still impacting music (especially jazz and pop) and politics. A victim of blatant racism, and a government with an axe to grind, Holiday struggled her entire life. The fact that she recorded (and in some cases wrote) such iconic music is a true testament to the person she was. She ultimately won and it just took us all time to realize it.

She has been the subject of books, songs (U2’s “Angel Of Harlem”) and films (the award winning Lady Sings The Blues starring Diana Ross). Clearly, she has never been or ever will be forgotten.

One of her trademark songs “Strange Fruit” is a song that, sadly, is as relevant today as when it first was released. Perhaps some things have changed but the roots of the actions have not.

It is a chance for us at The Stueytunes Show to look at a dazzling performer, fantastic singer, and a remarkable person.

It is time to shine the light on Billie Holiday!