S4E3 Are You Talking To Me?!?

Interviews have been around since newspapers started printing. Politicians, atheletes, heroes, and, of course, celebrities. In the world of entertainment interviews are used to, usually, promote an upcoming project or release. Authors talk about their new book, actors discuss their lates movie, and mucisicans, for the most part, talk about their new album or tour. Usually the interviews are informative and serve their purpose. Some interviews are so successful they become albums themselves. In 1980, for example, Paul McCartney was interviewed for Musician magazine. That interview was so good that his record company released the interview as an album (“The McCartney Interview”) and it actually charted!

Then again, some interviews do not go as planned. There are many reasons. Sometimes the artist is tired, or indulging in a substance, or sometimes the artist just doesn’t want to do an interview but must. Then again, sometimes the interviewer might ask the wrong question or pushes the artist too much. Whatever the reason there have been some real doozies. This week, on The Stueytunes Show, we look at those interviews that just didn’t go as planned. In fact, they become sort of disasters.

Bob Dylan going off on a reporter from Time Magazine.
John Lennon gets pretty fed up in this classic interview.
We both agreed that this was the strangest interview on the list. What was Madonna thinking?