S3E8 10 Things You Should Know About Elvis Impersonators

Oscar Wilde once said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. When it comes to Elvis, he has been and continues to be flattered, judging from the sheer amount of Elvis Impersonators. This is an industry that is a result of one of the biggest music stars of all time. 

Elvis rocked the world in 1954, and ushered in the rock and roll era. He didn’t invent rock and roll, but he sure did make it popular. 

Because he had his own distinct style impersonators  and copycats sprung up almost immediately. And since his death in 1977, the number of impersonators just keeps growing. This speaks to the fact that Elvis’ music lives on, 43 years after his death. In fact, numerous new box sets were released this year with previously unreleased music and there is a radio station, dedicated to Elvis on satellite radio.

On this Stueytunes show we look at the phenomenon that is Elvis Impersonators. In some ways, unsung heroes, and in other ways, a population that people may not understand. But, it is an exciting and, sometimes, humourous topic. 

In our opinion, Andy Kaufman was ‘The King’ of Elvis impersonators! Watch this clip and you will see why!
This is the largest ever gathering of Elvis impersonators that we talk about in the show, and still holds the Guiness world record!