S3E3 Second Chances with Walter DeBarr

Walter DeBarr is a very unique artist. Last year he released his debut EP, We Fall, We Break. After going through his own struggles, which included prison and addiction, he found his voice. Having coped with racism in his home town in West Virginia and family loss, Walter DeBarr faced his problems with music.

Music has always been there for Walter. Growing up with his grandmother and the influence of her music. Walter grew up listening to gospel but his own tastes, as a young man gravitated to punk. Perhaps it was life’s experiences or the adrenaline of the music, Walter embraced the energy.

Walter learned to play the guitar, and throughout the years, he carried one with him. After his last time in prison, he started using his music to find his voice and he was able to use his writing skills to express his experiences.  Originally his music explored the darker side of his life, but has, lately, moved into inspiration, surviving and second chances. Walter epitomizes second chance. And he uses his second to the fullest.

A strong, independent artist, who not only has established his own career, he has helped others and has recently formed a band with his partner, Pamela Kesling (The Little Blue Hearts). He has carved out his own style, with his own distinct writing and voice. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Walter DeBarr.

This song was our first introduction to Walter’s music. It is absolutely gorgeous.
Eyes to the Sky
We Fall