S3E2 10 Things You Should Know About Billy Joel

Billy Joel has been one of my biggest influences since I was a teenager. I first ran into his music when a friend of mine played the ‘Greatest Hits Volume 1 and 2’ album on his turntable. Here was rock music that was different from anything that I’d ever heard before. Of course there was the incredible piano playing, but I was also struck by the storytelling. I had no idea that pop music could sound like this, and I was hooked!

As I get older, my appreciation for Billy Joel as a person and an artist continues to develop. I’ve watched as he has gone through his trials and tribulations, and seen how he has really come into his own as he enters his ‘senior’ years.

Of course, the music is fantastic. But what is sometimes overlooked is that Billy Joel is an incredibly funny guy. I really do think that he could have had a career in standup as his timing and delivery are impeccable. He is not afraid to make fun of himself, and this self-deprecation is what has endeared him to countless fans.

During this episode on The Stueytunes Show, we talk about some of the little known facts surrounding Billy’s life. Did you know that he was an amateur boxer with a pretty decent record, or that he believes in ghosts, or that John Lennon was one of his biggest fans?

Hear about all this and more on this episode of The Stueytunes Show. We had fun making it, and I know that you will enjoy listening!

This song is mentioned in the episode when we talk about Billy’s groundbreaking Russian tour and live album.