S3E10 The Sellouts

Selling out in music can mean a number of things.An artist can ‘sell out’ when they perform music they hate, simply because they want a hit. Other artists ‘sell out’ when they perform in places and with people who they don’t want to, merely for a huge pay cheque. Still others ‘sell out’ by doing television commercials and letting their songs be altered to fit a product.

In the 1980s, certain huge bands made it ok for musicians and artists to sell out for the big bucks. Of course, that meant that the average fan had to endure television commercials of their favourite songs and even worse pay through their teeth for tickets to see their favourite bands play live. 

And then times changed. It became almost necessary for bands/artists to have some form of sponsorship for tours and for some bands, the only way their music could be heard was on a commercial. 

Is ‘selling out’ good or bad. Well, the answer is, it is complicated.  This week on The Stueytunes Show, we look at music and ‘Selling Out’.

We both agree that a line was crossed when Michael Jackson did this commercial. What do you think?