S2E10 Thoughts on Elvis

One of my worries as a music history lover is that people will eventually forget how incredible Elvis Presley truly was. As time passes, people remember Elvis from his last few years, when he was lost and suffering from crippling substance abuse issues. The huge number of Elvis impersonators out there certainly doesn’t help.

Everyone who ever worked with Elvis commented on his professionalism, and the range of his incredible voice. His pitch was spot-on, and his phrasing was impeccable. Combined with his good looks and his movements on stage, and the pieces were in place for superstardom.

After his incredible rise in the mid 1950s, he joined the army in 1958. When he left the military, he focused on his movie career, and live performance almost stopped. In fact, the Comeback Special in 1968 was his first meaningful live performance in 7 years

The Comeback Special represented Elvis at the top of his game, and the joy that he exhibited working with his old bandmates was written all over his face. Here’s a good example:

Special thanks to Aaron Badgley and Keith Glass for sharing their insights in this episode. Elvis Presley left behind an incredible legacy that is worth celebrating.