Meet the Team

Wonder how each episode gets in your podcast player?  Here are the people who make that happen!

Tony started The Stueytunes Show at the beginning of the great pandemic of 2020.  He has been a high school music director for nearly 25 years.  He is a former professional musician with the Canadian Forces, and continues to be active as a professional musician when COVID-19 isn’t preventing gigs from happening.

Aaron is new to the show for season 3.  He has been writing about music since he was in university. he has written for The Lexicon, the band the Strawbs and Spill Magazine. He is currently writing for various bands and UK radio station WA12. He worked in radio in the 1980s and had a show, Beatles Universe, which was syndicated throughout North America.

Ric is a professional guitarist, teacher, songwriter and composer.  He also runs the Ric Denis guitar school.